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SXSWi 2010: Program or Be Programmed (Douglas Rushkoff)

Program or Be Programmed

Program or Be Programmed,
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A talk by Douglas Rushkoff on 12th March 2010

[This isn’t a word-perfect record — if I got anything jarringly wrong, please comment!]

Online, things get extreme very fast and change a lot in a short space of time. There’s an overwhelming sense that we’re trying to operate society on obsolete social code, on the basis of legacy systems we don’t even remember that aren’t appropriate for what we want to get done. If we don’t understand these old systems, we have no chance of recognising the new programs that are layered on top. Understanding of this places people into one of two camps: the programmers, and the programmed. Grokking programming bias is really important because it helps us manage ourselves in context – the most important thing is to recognise that programming bias exists in the first place.