January 2008 archive

Whatever happened to… Chore Wars

Is anyone still playing Chore Wars? It was built on such a brilliant concept that I really hoped to see it take off, although having put it through its paces myself I can see why it might be slow to do so.

My problem was that when I tried to rope my husband in to play, he’d do the chores but just wasn’t interested in updating the site, so I ended up with a solo game that wasn’t any fun. I might’ve hung in there longer given SMS updating and better support for parties that don’t actually live together (and if that stuff ever makes it in I’ll go back and give it another shot), but as it is I can thank the experience of Chore Wars for helping me figure out a few things that I want from a chore-focused game.



…post of a new year on this lovely, rusty old domain, which I appear to have resurrected despite claiming very recently that blogging doesn’t fit into my life right now (which I’ve been saying for so long that I failed to notice when it stopped being true – if it has.) Yay!