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Time out

New board games, originally uploaded by jpob. Somebody’s nicked Heroquest, we rarely have enough of us in for a decent game of Werewolf and my Rock Band expertise doesn’t extend far beyond songs by the Police (oh, the joy in their eyes as they’re forced to play ‘Can’t Stand Losing You’ *again*!), so I bought [...]

Not my typical Saturday

This weekend I braved the freshly BORISed transport system to attend GameCamp 08, an informal do up at 3Rooms to give people who do stuff with games and technology some face time together for pretty much whatever purpose we like (within the limits of acceptable decorum and the fire code). The session schedule was pretty [...]

Game Hour: HeroQuest

Every Friday morning my whole team spends an hour playing games together. Anything we fancy: Magic, Munchkin (which we haven’t picked up in awhile, actually)… Werewolf‘s a popular one ‘cos we can play as a big group. The main point of Game Hour is having fun, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn one [...]

sxswi 2008 podcasts

Back home after an eventful couple of flights on Monday; now entertaining my mother who’s visiting from Virginia. I’ve got quite a bit to catch up on from days 3 and 4. Happily, sxswi is churning out podcasts now. Video too – click through from here. Recommended: You Are Here: Gaming and User’s Geolocation in [...]

sxswi 2008: day 2, Stories, Games and Your Brand

Rachel Clarke Bibrik Ltd Jeremy Ettinghausen Digital Publisher, Penguin Books Roo Reynolds Metaverse Evangelist, IBM Dan Hon CEO, Six to Start Dan Heaf, BBC, moderator Heaf: How can games, stories, puzzles etc. help engage users with your brand? We’ve seen in film and tv that these techniques have been put in place to great effect. [...]

sxsw 2008: day 2 wrap-up

OK, so in the afternoon I went to Stories, Games and Your Brand, another panel featuring Dan and other smart people. Tony’s notes are less rambly than mine. :) As a result of being in that session, I missed Zuckerberg’s trainwreck of an interview, but now all the sour faces I encountered outside Ballroom A [...]

sxswi 2008: day 1

Was very lucky to even get to the first panel, having left late with no thought for probable queues for the parking garage! (I’m staying at the Hyatt Place, about a 10-minute drive away from the ACC.) Today I went to: What Teens Want Online & On Their Phones: No ads, Flash games. High text [...]

PMOGing wildly

I’m having a bash at the PMOG beta from home (would be far too distracting at work!), and like it a lot so far. It’s got loads of potential for creating fun journeys and sharing interests with people. Not sure about the social aspects yet, but I’m reserving judgment til the features have a bit [...]

Whatever happened to… Chore Wars

Is anyone still playing Chore Wars? It was built on such a brilliant concept that I really hoped to see it take off, although having put it through its paces myself I can see why it might be slow to do so. My problem was that when I tried to rope my husband in to [...]