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GDC Online 2010: Surviving Social Media: Advice from the SOE Playbook

Notes from yesterday’s talk by Linda Carlson, Senior Global Community Relations Manager at SOE.

GDC Online 2010: Post-Mortem (Blizzard)

Notes from the talk by Greg Canessa, Project Director, and Matthew Versluys, Tech Director,

GDC Online 2010: Slave to the Grind (Bioware)

Notes from the talk by Damian Schubert, Principle Lead Systems Designer, SW:TOR (@zenofdesign).

GDC Online 2010: Bears and Snakes! The Wild Frontier of Social Game Design (Zynga)

My notes from the keynote by Brian Reynolds (Chief Game Designer on Frontierville).

GDC Online 2010: The Yin and Yang of Live Community Management (Playdom)

My notes from yesterday’s talk by Marianne Borenstein, VP Platform Relations and User Experience at Playdom; w/Mike Blanchette, CM.

SXSWi 2010: Program or Be Programmed (Douglas Rushkoff)

Program or Be Programmed, originally uploaded by jpob. A talk by Douglas Rushkoff on 12th March 2010 [This isn't a word-perfect record -- if I got anything jarringly wrong, please comment!] Online, things get extreme very fast and change a lot in a short space of time. There’s an overwhelming sense that we’re trying to [...]

SXSWi 2010

Eagle-eyed readers (if there are any left) will note that I only ever update this blog when I go to conferences. (Sometimes not even then.) At the moment, I’m in lovely, sunny, springlike Austin for South by Southwest Interactive, which so far seems to be the most massive and diverse sxswi event ever. Where previously [...]

Time out

New board games, originally uploaded by jpob. Somebody’s nicked Heroquest, we rarely have enough of us in for a decent game of Werewolf and my Rock Band expertise doesn’t extend far beyond songs by the Police (oh, the joy in their eyes as they’re forced to play ‘Can’t Stand Losing You’ *again*!), so I bought [...]

Not my typical Saturday

This weekend I braved the freshly BORISed transport system to attend GameCamp 08, an informal do up at 3Rooms to give people who do stuff with games and technology some face time together for pretty much whatever purpose we like (within the limits of acceptable decorum and the fire code). The session schedule was pretty [...]

Game Hour: HeroQuest

Every Friday morning my whole team spends an hour playing games together. Anything we fancy: Magic, Munchkin (which we haven’t picked up in awhile, actually)… Werewolf‘s a popular one ‘cos we can play as a big group. The main point of Game Hour is having fun, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn one [...]