february 2000; [march] ; [current]
TUE 29 Some light reading on leap seconds
Disturbing leap year dollies
MON 28 Photos from our holiday
SLACK spam reversal: Funny! Funny! Funny!
SUN 27 Erik collects chopsticks *
Jordan S Dill: Yes, but has he got any mercy *
Strong feelings about girls, or guys, or something
SAT 26 Exceed your profanity tolerance level:'s mail *
Cory Doctorow interviewed Wm Gibson, and kindly published the transcript *
Honk if you're a sheep
FRI 25 Salsa with confidence!
The inexplicable Adventures of Sister Hildegarde
Surely you don't think you're getting away with it anonymously
THU 24 What the person with the big needle is thinking
Confessions of boys who play girls *
...and boy snakes who play girl snakes
WED 23 A sadly unimpressive X-Men preview [QuickTime]
Mr Punch gets it bloodily
Wilson Bentley's amazing snow crystal photomicrographs *
MON 14 Someone's not getting any valentines, so you shouldn't either
One marriage off to a dubious start

Workplace Cyrano strikes:
If you were a bumblebee
And I was a bird
We'd make sweet love baby
Or something along those lines.
SUN 13 I couldn't have admired a cyanide-free Danube, oh nooooo *
Ken Perlin has a brain the size of a planet! Play with his demos *
SAT 12 Theodore Roethke's poems, lovingly presented *
Here's a bastard roster of Bad People *
FRI 11 Virtual miscreants running amok? Surely not * wants to read all your filthy email
Laugh? I nearly blew trash: Tube rules *
THU 10 Screw environmental auditory cues, I'm plugged into this
The BBC's science desk in sex mad quark-gluon shocker! *
WED 9 Companies! Avoid Litigation By Acknowledging Workplace Stress!
The answer to your prayers for efficient gum removal
Sufferin succotash: Man corn *
Band names demystified
The Cure webcast from the Astoria: Just like being there... at 6 frames per minute
TUE 8 Not half distressing
Karl Feilder and Karl Feilder sittin in a tree, E G O T I S T *
Tootsie roll: Sneaker Nation *
MON 7 Curiouser and curiouser: Alice
I Can't Believe It's A Domain: *
Get the first new Bauhaus tune in 17 years down yer ear [RealPlayer/QuickTime] *
Rolling Stone does geeks everywhere a huuuuuge favor
Holy crap! Killer Sheep!
SUN 6 A head rolls out of the monstrous blancmange
Refurbished Dark Hotel *
Bill & Sir Rick's new numbers racket *
SAT 5 Happy Chinese New Year *
Slaverworthy Neuhaus chocolate *
(Nearly) Today's Toy Dolls, and where to wear your glad rags
Sexy... sulphurous... sadly named... Cyba
FRI 4 Fuzzify this: Supervolcanoes
Less the weedwhacker do, Jenny is another myself
Life'll Kill Ya *
What's Russian for déja vu? The System for Operational-Investigative Activity *
Contamination! Outbreaks & recalls